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Welcome to Bendigo Photo Booth, your premier destination for events, Bendigo backdrops, and photography solutions. Elevate your next event with our extensive range of stunning backdrops, designed to create the perfect designated photo area and capture unforgettable moments.

the best Bendigo backdrops for 2024?

It’s looking less about the booth type and more about incorporating personalization, interaction, and glamorous black-and-white setups.

Classic Timber

It’s timeless and always comes up nice with any colour theme at a wedding. 

formals & graduations

Bright and bold for a stand-out night with friends and family. 

Classic Timber

It’s timeless and always comes up nice with any colour theme at a wedding. 

Flora and Youth

bright flowers on tropical wall background

Photo Booth Theme Helper

Here's another Idea - Use the Venue

“These Bendigo wedding venues and function spaces feature stunning facades and impressive architecture, we always recommend utilizing the natural beauty of these venues for memorable photos. Whether it’s at Waratah Wedding & Function Venue, Mackenzie Quarters Bendigo, or Chateau Dore Winery & Receptions, each location offers a picturesque backdrop that enhances the charm of your special day. 

When choose a theme photo booth for your event, consider the venue! You took the time to plan and choose such a great location, so why not incorporate it into the memory-making photos too?

Gold and White Geometrics

The top favourite among photo booth enthusiasts. The white wall with gold geometry is a modern take on the style seen in 1920s Gatsby Art Deco.  

Cloudy Grey

A sophisticated grey cloudy design that emulates the elegant texture of marble stone, providing a formal feel to any event space. Its marble-like appearance adds a touch of class and timeless beauty.

Leafy Green

Oversized leaves for a tropical party feel it features the center square on rotation to add an intensity feeling.  

Black and Gold Waterfall

curved fabric background wall

The Best Background for a Photo Booth?

A simple, solid colour backdrop for the bold and full of props. Would you choice only white and black?

Guide to Event Theme Helper

100 different backdrop walls and color themes

At Bendigo Backdrops, we specialize in creating fully customized events with our wide selection of backdrops, props, custom signage, balloon garlands, faux florals, and tablescapes. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any special occasion in Bendigo or regional Victoria, our expert team ensures every detail is perfect.

From rustic charm to modern sophistication, our fabric backdrops are sure to impress and come in flexible size ranges to fit in small and large spaces.

tan wood

light wood colour

Yellow Barn

Bright and bold

Country hay

pink and blue simple layout

Parties are on for your next event

Disco or themes from times by-gone we can bring back the goodtime with a touch of style you remember.

News paper Print

It’s timeless and always comes up nice with any colour theme at a wedding. 

The Theme Picker

The top favourite among photo booth enthusiasts. The white wall with gold geometry is a modern take on the style seen in 1920s Gatsby Art Deco.  

Painted Brush Circles

Painted Brush Circles on a simple background with a touch of rainbow colours brushed on. 

Neon Flowers

Energetic, powerful flower background in neon style. Tropical flowers in a lustre of purple and aqua blues. 

Straight colours

Customer Satisfaction

At Bendigo Photo Booth, our customer satisfaction is our top priority. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality Bendigo Backdrops and services that exceed expectations.

booth bendigo photo Theme Helper

Explore Our Portfolio

  • Backdrop Hire: Choose from over 100 different backdrop walls and color themes, each meticulously designed to add a touch of elegance and style to your event. From rustic charm to modern sophistication, our backdrops are sure to impress.

  • Photo Booth Services: Enhance your event with our premium photo booth services, including a fully equipped setup featuring a Magic Mirror Photo Booth, props, glasses, hats, and a roaming photographer to capture candid moments throughout your event.

  • Roaming Photographer: Our experienced photographers are dedicated to capturing every special moment, ensuring you have beautiful memories to cherish forever.

  • Complete Packages: Simplify your event planning with our all-inclusive packages that combine the convenience of a standard photo booth with the added sophistication of our backdrop hire services. Enjoy seamless booking and exceptional service, all in one place.

Black Geometric Lines

Formal and attention seeking. Enchanting black & gold geometric pattern on sleek wallpaper – an elegant blend of sophistication & opulence. Timeless beauty meets modern flair.

Brick to Brick

Getting looking like old with brick to brick backgrounds.

Flowering Wall

Tropical flowers in a green get away. That’s the feeling we’re going for. 

It's All Included In The Package

Ready to elevate your event with Backdrops wall and photo booth? Contact us today to discuss your event requirements and explore our extensive range of backdrop options. Let us help you create an event that's truly memorable, from start to finish.

red wood

Bright and bold for a stand-out night ith friends and family. 

Country Hay

It’s timeless outdoor settting

teal blue bricks

blue bricks repeating pattern

Aboriginal Themes

Start Your Happily Ever After in Bendigo

Choose Bendigo Backdrops for your next event and start your happily ever after with stunning backdrops, professional photo booth services, and exceptional customer care. Transform your vision into reality with Bendigo’s leading backdrop hire and event styling experts.

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