Step into the spotlight at the Bendigo Sports Star Awards and capture the moment with @bendigophotobooth! Our custom-made backdrop sets the stage for unforgettable memories, perfectly tailored to suit the theme of the event. 

Culture Hitch Bendigo Black and White Photo Booth

A Timeless Touch for Your Special Occasion #white

Magic Mirror Photo Booth with Bold Black & White #white

“Experience the enchantment of black and white aesthetics with our Magic Mirror Booth at Bendigo Photo Booth! Our photo booth captures the essence of every moment, adding a touch of vintage charm to your event.

Whether it’s a glamorous wedding, chic corporate event, or stylish birthday party, our Black and White theme is sure to leave a lasting impression. With the Magic Mirror Booth, we match the elegance of black and white aesthetics effortlessly. Plus, our curated selection of props ensures that every detail complements the simple color choice, creating a seamless and sophisticated experience.¬†

Bendigo Culture Hitch wedding directory

Recently featured by Bendigo's very best wedding directory, Culture Hitch, our photo booth has been a hit at events. Fall in love with the season at Chateau Dore as we infuse Autumn charm into your wedding day. From dreamy decor to breathtaking bridal looks, get ready to fall in love with the season and create unforgettable memories with Bendigo Photo Booth!"

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