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Let’s make it simple

Booking your photo booth, made just the way you like it.

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Pick a Booth or Pick a Theme with a simple price guide

“Pick A Booth Or Pick A Theme” – The Perfect Start to Your Photo Booth Booking Journey!

With Bendigo Photo Booths, choosing the ideal photo booth experience has never been easier. Simply decide on your preferred booth type, or delve into our curated selection of pre-designed themes. Rest assured that your photo booth booking with us will be nothing short of spectacular!

Start by picking between 1 of 2 main options


How do you want your photo booth to look like
Colours | Props | Background Wall

how to choose a photo booth

Themes are sorted into numbers, tell us the number your looking at when filling out the contact form.


What do you want your photo booth to do
Spinning Camera | Booths | Magic Mirror

How to Choose a Photo Booth

Booths are sorted into their types and we have five different types of booths to pick from. 

Once you know what booth or theme you want to go with, there will be a contact form at the bottom of that page. Tell us the name of the booth type or the number of the theme you like. 

Sending us a contact form

When & Where

Booking Information For Photo Booth Rental

Booking with us is a breeze! Simply use the contact form located at the bottom of the page to submit an inquiry, specifying your desired theme or booth type. From there, we'll reach out to start the conversation about securing your booking, discussing details like dates, location, and logistics. It's as easy as that! With just a deposit, you can secure your preferred dates, even up to a year in advance. Let's get started on making your event unforgettable!

The Date

When is your party or wedding scheduled for? Give us the date as early as you can.

Start Time

What is the start time of your event? We aim to be ready before your guests arrive to ensure everything runs smoothly and to provide a pleasant experience for everyone.

Theme Number

All of our included background walls have a listing number that helps everyone easily identify what style you are looking at. 

The Location

Where is the venue located? Is it at the same place as your function, or is it difficult to reach? Let us know if it has power access, otherwise, we can bring our own.

Number of guest

How many guests are you expecting at your event? It's important for us to know so we can set up in the best way possible to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Booth Type

What booth type did you want to go with? Some themes already have a photo booth type that best matches.

How to Pay for your photo booth

We have plenty of options

Like any other good vendor business, we provide a variety of payment options. Depending on the date of your booking you may be provided with all checkout options or a limited number. Your welcome to let us know which one you want. 

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Pay in Eight

Monthly payments over 8 months.

Affordability and flexibility are important factors when it comes to planning your special event. That's why we are excited to offer you a unique payment option to make our photo booth services even more accessible.

With our exclusive 8-month payment plan, you can spread out the cost of your photo booth rental over a longer period, making it easier to fit within your budget.

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Afterpay, Buy Now, Pay Later

We are thrilled to offer Afterpay as an interest-free payment solution for our photo booth services. Don't let payment constraints keep you from capturing unforgettable memories with our magic mirror booth. 


VISA / Mastercard

Debit & Credit Card

We accept payments via VISA and Mastercard, two widely recognized and trusted payment methods. Whether you're booking our photo booth for a wedding, corporate event, or any special occasion, you can check out the way you are accustomed to. Rest assured that your payment information is handled securely.


Direct Deposit

Invoice and Purchase Orders

We offer flexible payment options for businesses and organizations, including the option to pay via invoice or purchase order. Our streamlined process ensures a smooth transaction, where you can provide the necessary details, and we will generate a tailored invoice with clear payment terms.

Packages with everything included

We keep things simple with only two main offerings. Our photo booth types are sorted into premium and standard packages. We always include everything you need with each package.  

Package for Standard Booths

Our standard photo booths are the classic rustic booth, magic mirror and mini booth.

How to Choose a Photo Booth

There is no extra fee for themes, all of our themes are included in the package price, that’s how simple we like to make our price guide.

Package for Premium Booths

Our premium photo booths are the 360 spinning booths, outdoor marquee tents, and magazine booths. 

How to Choose a Photo Booth

Your choice of theme is included with the premium booth, making the photo booth rental a smooth experience.

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