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How to choose a photo booth

“Discovering how to choose a photo booth that’s perfect for your event is easy with our ultimate guide. Whether you’re looking for something unique, or just after tips to find the perfect booth, like a 360 Photo Booth for immersive shots, or something more elegant like the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, we’ve got you covered. Tailor your selection to your event’s theme with our guide to types of photo booth to hire and create unforgettable memories.”

Spin 360 Video Booth

Step into the spotlight and immerse yourself in the world of the 360 Photo Booth, the dazzling centrepiece of any event. This isn’t just a photo booth; it’s a full-blown cinematic experience. Imagine a camera gracefully capturing your every move from every angle in slow-motion, boomerang, or classic video. Whether you strike a pose or dance like nobody’s watching, our 360 Photo Booth transforms moments into unforgettable memories, making you the star of your own blockbuster event.

Rustic Photo Booth

Step into the rustic photo booth where nostalgia and modernity intertwine. These photo booths are crafted with care, often hand-made from wood, and come in various charming shapes and sizes to reflect local craftsmanship. They are designed to infuse a vintage elegance into your event. Our rustic photo booths feature genuine wooden accents and vintage backgrounds that create an authentic experience. We also offer thoughtfully designed souvenirs, like memory bottles, to make sharing memories easy and ensure that your event’s magic lasts for years. Celebrate the blend of old-world charm and modern festivities with us.

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Luxury is the feeling when it comes to the Walk-In Magazine Booth, a visually stunning and customizable backdrop that elevates any event or exhibition. This sleek and modern design will captivate your audience, creating a professional and stylish atmosphere. Ideal for major events, its how to choose a photo booth for trade shows, and exhibitions that are a little bit more formal, it allows a unique level of customization, allowing you to showcase a logo and titles. Transform your occasion with this statement piece that can be used as a photography backdrop, a red carpet entrance, or simply as a stylish addition to any event.

Spider Tent Outdoor Booth

Introducing the Spider Tent – an outdoor photo booth experience that challenges the notion that photo booths are only for indoor events. The Spider Tent is the perfect solution for setting up a photo booth outdoors, especially in unpredictable weather. Its unique hexagonal design ensures smooth guest flow, making it ideal for mascot-themed photo booths or providing ample shade at formal events. With its spacious interior, this tent is perfect for custom backdrop walls, and its eye-catching presence ensures it will be the focal point of any outdoor occasion. Don’t let the weather ruin your event – let the Spider Tent transform your outdoor photo booth experience.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

The fully interactive touchscreen mirror takes the choosing a photo booth fun to new heights, captivating your guests with colourful animations and voice guidance, inviting them to partake in a magical “selfie” experience. With free standing format and professional-grade image quality with instant printouts, the Mirror Booth is a must-have entertainment experience for weddings and events. Customizable print layouts, a variety of backdrops and frames, and instant photo sharing. Our photo booth offers limitless possibilities, from branding experiences to generating leads, all while fostering engagement and creating lasting memories.

Backdrop Walls

When it comes to how to choose a photo booth, you will be surprised that the backdrop walls are equally as important. After all they are going to be in each and every photo. So lets make it a good one.

Included with every photo booth hire. Whether it’s a dreamy wedding, a corporate extravaganza, a joyful baby shower, a heartwarming engagement party, or an elegant bridal shower, we’ve got you covered. Our range background walls from the enchanting tension flower wall backdrop to customizable tension fabric display backgrounds on stands. Every attire is thoughtfully themed to match your event or occasion, ensuring that there’s a choice for every vision. Let your backdrop be the canvas that sets the stage for unforgettable memories and visually stunning photos. 

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Mini Booth Setups

Slimline, sleek and stylish, you’ll love the small but mighty compact elegance of the mini photo booths. Suitable for situations that need to be more conscientious of space this lightweight marvel steps up to the plate. While it may offer fewer interactive and customizable features, it doesn’t compromise on the essentials. Equipped with the same high-quality cameras that define our brand, the Mini Booth Photo delivers stunning memories in a snug package. Perfect for venues that demand a space-savvy solution without sacrificing photographic excellence. 

How to Choose a Photo Booth
Do I need a photo booth

Photo booths have become increasingly popular at events for several reasons, and their value extends beyond just being a source of entertainment. Here’s an overview of the benefits, how to choose a photo booth, particularly interactive-themed photo booths, and how they compare to backdrop walls. There are plenty more resources out there for helping you pick the right photo company

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Photo Booth VS Backdrop Walls

The key difference between the right photo booth and a backdrop wall lies in the level of interactivity and functionality. A photo booth typically comes equipped with a printer, allowing guests to touch and feel their photos immediately, creating a tangible and interactive experience. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about engaging with the theme and setting of the booth, which makes the experience more immersive and memorable. In contrast, a backdrop wall primarily serves as a visual background for photographs without the added interactive features of a photo booth.

How to Choose a Photo Booth


When learning how to choose a photo booth for your event, delving into past reviews is crucial. These testimonials reflect a business’s reliability and service quality, offering insights into their professionalism and ability to enhance an event. Positive feedback from previous clients is a strong indicator of a dependable service, essential for making an informed decision in the perfect photo booth selection process. Such reviews are invaluable in ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience, affirming the company’s reputation in the events industry.

Are there Other Booths Out There?

While Bendigo Photo Booth strives to be the premiere service and offers a wide range of options for those looking up how to choose a photo booth, we know that there are numerous unique styles out there, some of which even feature on our own dream list. To assist you in understanding the variety of options available and to guide you in Finding your photo booth match, we've compiled details about other types of booths that we don't typically provide. This information is aimed at helping you navigate through the various terminologies get to picking how to choose a photo booth and features you might encounter in your search for the ideal photo booth, ensuring you make an informed decision that best suits your event's needs.

mobile van photo booth

What type of photo booth is best? The mobile van photo booth, often housed in a Kombi van or a custom trailer, brings a unique and dynamic photography experience directly to your event location. Known for its photogenic qualities, this type of booth is ideal for outdoor events, adding a charming and retro vibe. While it requires ample space and is best suited for uneven outdoor surfaces, its presence not only serves as an interactive photo booth but also as an attractive feature of the event's decor, making it a popular choice for those seeking a distinctive and memorable element for their gatherings.

enclosed photo booth

What should I look for in a photo booth? Enclosed photo booths, often reminiscent of the classic arcade-style booths, come in various forms but are commonly characterized by their intimate, private setups. Traditionally, these booths are small, fitting only 2-3 people, and capture images from the waist level up. Users are typically concealed behind a curtain, adding an element of privacy and surprise to the photo-taking experience. These booths often operate on a pay-per-print system, similar to old-school kiosk systems.

A modern twist on the enclosed photo booth is the inflatable booth. This contemporary variation acts as a compact, enclosed space where guests can step in and out to take their photos. It shares similarities with the magic mirror booth in terms of its interactive nature but offers the added privacy and novelty of being a standalone 'tiny box home' for photo-taking. This blend of traditional privacy with modern design makes the enclosed photo booths a popular choice for events where guests can enjoy a more personal and intimate photo experience.

Any photo booth that does not have an overhead ceiling is considered an open photo booth or open-air model.

phone booth - audio guest book

The phone booth is an innovative twist on the more traditional Audio Guest Book often seen at weddings. This variation enhances the guest experience by incorporating a video camera and a set design, sometimes even a British phone booth, which records the audio messages. The result is a personal interview-style recording, adding a visual element to the heartfelt audio messages.

This feature allows guests to share their thoughts and well-wishes and be seen, creating a more intimate and memorable keepsake for the couple. The phone booth captures the essence of each guest's message in audio and video formats, offering a richer, more personal memento of the special day.

glambot photo booth

The Glam Bot photo booth is an exciting innovation in event photography, particularly popular for its use in capturing dynamic, red-carpet-style moments. This high-tech booth employs a mechanical arm that swings in and out, creating a dramatic and cinematic effect. As guests strike a pose or move, much like celebrities on the red carpet, the Glam Bot captures these moments with a fluid, sweeping motion.


What sets the Glam Bot apart is its ability to produce stunning, high-quality videos that resemble professional movie clips. The mechanical arm's movement allows for a range of angles and perspectives, often unattainable with traditional photo booths, adding an element of Hollywood glamour to any event

Photographer Booth

A dynamic twist to traditional photo booths, where a professional photographer captures the essence of your event. This approach revolves around a designated area at your event, where an enthusiastic photographer, armed with their camera, brings the energy and excitement of a photo booth to life. This setup can include a tethered laptop, allowing for on-the-spot photo printing, seamlessly merging a photo booth's spontaneity with the finesse of studio photography.

While it may blur the lines between a conventional photo booth and studio operations, the key difference lies in its flexibility – it can feature props, a printer, or simply rely on the photographer's skill to capture memorable moments. Ideal for those who prioritize quality photography but still want the interactive experience of a photo booth, the Photographer Only Booth adapts to any event, turning any spot into a vibrant photo-taking stage. How to choose a photo booth made to understand.

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