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making nostalgia from the old and classical rustic photo booth 

Customizable Templates • Professional Attendant • Easy Setup and Clean-up • Digital Access • Style & Theme • Backdrop Wall • Instant Printing

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A Timeless Touch for Your Special Occasion

Rustic Photo Booth Hire

for an event that calls for a touch of vintage charm and rustic elegance? Look no further than our Rustic Classic Photo Booth. Whether you’re hosting a rustic wedding, a country-themed celebration, or an event with a touch of old-world allure, our classic photo booth is the perfect addition to create lasting memories. Here’s why our Rustic Classic Photo Booth stands out

What's Included with the 360 Video photo Booth

Our all-inclusive package offers unlimited high-quality prints in various sizes, ensuring that your guests go home with cherished memories in the form of Polaroid prints or memory bottles. Additionally, you'll receive a guest signing album, a digital keepsake on a USB drive, and the freedom to select a fabric 2D backdrop wall that suits your event theme perfectly. Complete the experience with a delightful mix of wedding props, all designed to add a touch of fun and nostalgia to your celebration. With our Rustic Classic Photo Booth, you'll create lasting impressions and timeless keepsakes that your guests will treasure.

The Rustic Booth Experience

When people choose a Rustic Classic Photo Booth, they are seeking a style that will match the outdoor wedding venue. This booth is often preferred for events at wineries and barns, as it seamlessly blends with the natural scenery. Unlike the modern magic mirror, the rustic wood booth, with its wood texture, supporting timber props, and tables, complements the venue location, adding warmth and charm to the setting. It's the perfect choice for those who appreciate the rustic aesthetics and want their photo booth to harmonize with the overall ambiance of their event.

Everything you See & More!

Experience High Resolution: Clear visuals that capture your event in detail and lighting. Effortlessly share immersive videos across popular platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Stories, and Facebook. We feature a wide range of add-ons and accessories designed to enhance your 360 photo booth experience. Our step on elevated LED glass panel platform with dynamic rotavating 360-degree video perspectives arm. It's the ultimate 360 spin experience!

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Air Fade Resistance 10 years +

Assurance photo paper

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focused on experience

A Skill booth operator

A Wedding Kiosk for a memorable night

Nature Wood Theme

A photo booth for weddings of all kinds, the natural wood background fits almost any set of bridal colours and wedding theme. The traditional go-to photo booth for a good time.

Use the venue

Bendigo weddings that like to shine bright go for sequins in their booth, and that really brings out the wow factor. Bright and vibrant be sure to be wearing your glasses too. 

Themes and Styles

Get inspired with Backdrop wall choices, custom print template designs to look like your wedding invitation and styled photos that look like a past decade.

Send Us Your Design

With a team of editors on staff, we can reverse engineer any wedding invitation you send us and make it into a custom print template just for your wedding.

Tangible and Digital

Custom Print Templates

Made online or by yourself

Provided Wedding Invite

Magic Mirror Package

2-4 Hours
$ 899
  • Classic Box Photo Booth
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Multi-Print Size Templates
  • Polaroid & Memory Bottle Gift
  • Large Guest Signing Album
  • Digital USB Keepsake
  • Fabric Backdrop Wall
  • Props and Hats

A Wedding Kiosk for a memorable night

Our Rustic Photo Booth Hire

Style & Theme • Backdrop Wall • Instant Printing • Customizable Templates • Fun Props • Professional Attendant • Easy Setup and Clean-up • Digital Access 

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