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Checking the date • Having someone else setup and pack up • Having it for the length of the party • Open air design • Bride Wedding Glasses Kit • Enthusatic Attendant • Easy Printing • Digital Backups

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CHoosing a Booth for Your Wedding?

Wedding Photo Booths

In the heart of Bendigo’s vibrant wedding scene, a charming tradition is making a comeback— printed photos for weddings captured  live in action with photo booths. This trend adds a fun and interactive element to the wedding celebration and offers guests a tangible keepsake to cherish. With wedding photography in Bendigo evolving, including instant photo prints blends the nostalgia of physical photos with the instant gratification of today’s digital age, making it a beloved feature for couples and guests alike.

What Experiences do we offer?

When choosing a photo booth for your wedding, it's all about creating a fun, interactive experience. Today, the trend is moving away from formal, stand-and-pose booths to more lively and engaging setups. Your really going to enjoy booths that allow you to let their hair down - think touch and party booths where they can interact freely, choose their own props, decide on the number of photos to print, and actually utilise the backdrop space.

A Comprehensive Package, With All The Needs For A Good Time

Understanding, We're the photo booth provider who understands these trends and balances them with timeless elements. Look for someone with experience who knows how to make these trends work in a way that enhances the fun of your wedding, without overshadowing its elegance. You want a photo booth that not only captures memories but also becomes a memorable part of your celebration, giving your guests something unique to remember the day by.

Everything you See & More!

A variety of fun & thematic props right on que. Get the offering with unlimited printing so every guest can take home a special memento. It rivals that of the best wedding photography Bendigo.

photo prints 2x6
Air Fade Resistance 10 years +

Assurance photo paper

Tangible and Digital

Online Photo Galleries

focused on experience

A Skill booth operator

Themes and Styles for a wedding photo booth

For your wedding photo booth, there's a world of creative backdrop options that can be tailored to match the theme and style of your special day. Whether you're aiming for something woodsy and natural, modern, or colorful and festive for the party atmosphere, you have plenty of choices.

Our designed-to-match option means you upload your wedding theme and invites and we will make a photo booth theme just for you.

Looking for inspiration, explore all of our backdrop walls and let us know what number you like and we will make the your photo booth theme. 

A Wedding Kiosk for a memorable night

Nature Wood Theme

A photo booth for weddings of all kinds, the natural wood background fits almost any set of bridal colours and wedding theme. The traditional go-to photo booth for a good time.

Hollywood Glamour

Bendigo weddings that like to shine bright go for sequins in their booth, and that really brings out the wow factor. Bright and vibrant be sure to be wearing your glasses too. 

Painted Colours

A wedding photo booth with a simple touch, colourful and soft, looks good on a printed photo strip. When you have an artistic side to your personality. 

Black & White

A black and white photo booth can add a touch of timeless elegance to any event. Its classic and monochromatic aesthetic evokes a sense of nostalgia and sophistication. Enjoy the simplicity of black and white photos, making it a bold choice for those who appreciate the beauty of a bygone era. 

Send Us Your Design & We'll Seamlessly Align

Match your Wedding Theme with Your Wedding Photo Booth Hire. Leave the complex planning to us and you can just enjoy the exciting part! Our dedicated team know how to transform your wedding invitations into bespoke print templates, exclusively designed for your big day. Simply provide us with your invitation, and our skilled editors will craft a personalized template that echoes the style of your wedding.

Tangible and Digital

Custom Print Templates

Made online or by yourself

Provided Wedding Invite

Wedding Booth To Match Theme Package

2-4 Hours
$ 899
  • Modern Magic Mirror Or Classic Wooden Box Booth
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Multi-Print Size Templates
  • Polaroid & Memory Bottle Gift
  • Large Guest Signing Album
  • Digital USB Keepsake
  • Fabric Backdrop Wall
  • Props and Hats

Yes, Its An Everything Is Included Wedding Package

Magic Mirror Or Rustic Photo Booth Hire

The best booth to match your theme and everything else is included.

Style & Theme • Backdrop Wall • Instant Printing • Customizable Templates • Fun Props • Professional Attendant • Easy Setup and Clean-up • Digital Access 

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