Classic Box Tower Photo Booth

• Touch Screen • 9 Inch Monitor View • Speedy Computer • Sharpe Image Printing • DSLR Camera • True White Flash • Tall Eye Line Height • Decorations & Costumes •

The Reliable Top Performer

Who doesn’t love taking photos of themselves to post on social media? The classic box tower photo booth is our simple and reliable performer with years of services under its belt. It will capture DSLR quality photos that you can download to your phone and post anywhere you like. Not only that up to date line of printers come with various prints size options and loads of customization.

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Photo Booth Features

Comes a reliable computer and professional level camera for making the most of your photo booth experience.

Fun and Interactive

Guest can control the photo booth via the touch screen glass. They can trigger the camera countdown or select options like the total number of prints they would like to get.

Fast PC Computer Processing

Don’t get stuck waiting for photos to save or print, we use desktop computers to process and print photos in as little as 40 seconds so you can get back to taking more photos

A Photo Booth Attendant

Our staff will fully setup your photo booth before any event takes place making sure everything is ready to and to your liking. Our attendant will stay there to encourage your guest to use the booth and make sure everything is running smoothly

DSLR VS Webcam Quality

Our photo booths only use DSLR cameras so you know we are capturing the highest quality images possible. Compared to other photo booths with webcams or tablets our photos are often 10X times the quality.

Backdrop Walls Included

We know some of you love to show off your personality and love make your own DIY photo walls. But if that isn’t your sort of thing we have a wide range of walls you can choice from

Props and Costumes

We include a box full of props and light costumes for you and your guest to dress up in.

Location Setup Space

The classic photo booth is a variable size setup which means the tower can generally fit in just about anywhere. The optimal photo booth space is around 3 by 3 meters square. This includes setting up the tower, props table and backdrop wall. The space will generally need to be on a flat even surface.

We can accommodate either an inside or outdoor location. Below is a general 3 by 3 meter square layout. However things like the props table can be positioned to any one side of the booth. The photo wall can also be made shorter to fit inside a space as little as 1.8 meters wide, but we find guest will enjoy a larger space if it is available.

How to use

A simple 4 step workflow for printing your self portraits with friends and family.

– 1 –
Line yourself up in view of the camera and touch the screen to start the countdown

– 2 –
Review your photo and select multiple copies

– 3 –
Pick up your prints from the printer

Custom Print Templates

We make custom prints templates based off your party theme or wedding invitations. Simply provide a digital copy or photo of your invitation and we will do the rest, reverse engineering the design and making a custom print template. We will send you draft copies of the print template for your approval once your are happy with the design it will be applied to every print that comes out of out photo booth printer.

You can customize things like colour, date, names, message, logo or the even the size!

Our standard photo print size is the larger 4×6 inch. We can also produce prints in the new 4×4 inch square, 2x2inch or the classic 2×6. SIZES

Delivery of Digital Photos

We know we live in the fast past digital world and that’s why we save the digital copies of photos taken and make them available the next day for download.

Because we shoot in RAW with DSLR quality cameras our digital photos are the best quality you can get when it comes to photo booths. We make it easy to download 20MP photos with a unique access code that be typed into your log in portal.

Once a user logs in you will be treated to a simple gallery of photos with a download button that lets you save JPEGs direct to device. No email pop ups or subscription logins, we have no need to spam your guest

Classic Photo Booth Package List

Photo Booth Package List

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